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About Me

Dr. Kanaventi is passionate about helping families and individuals develop effective strategies to improve connection and increase resilience.  Dr. Kanaventi has a unique ability to effectively negotiate very complex and high conflict cases within divorce and child custody issues. She uses a creative, compassionate, curious, and collaborative approach to helping families and individuals. She demonstrates high ethical standards and a commitment to helping families. 


Dr. Kanaventi is unique in her approach to mediation in that her primary focus is on the current state of the family system.  Her primary goal is to support the family unit in developing the capacity to thrive.  More specifically, Dr. Kanaventi works from a strengths-based perspective to help individuals and families develop the resiliency necessary to face challenging situations. She used her clinical skills to defuse the anger between parents and help them focus on the needs of their children.


Dr. Kanaventi has extensive experience working within the Los Angeles Superior Court system completing comprehensive child custody evaluations, parent and child interviews, and performing custody mediation. During her work within the Los Angeles Superior Court system, she communicated with confidence and credibility to Judicial Officers and attorneys and articulates the complexities of families' lives with clarity and compassion. Dr. Kanaventi helps resolve custody and visitation disputes by working with parents to develop their parenting plans, thereby avoiding the need for litigation. Additionally, Dr. Kanaventi has provided a broad range of individual services to children, adults, and families within a community mental health setting. Dr. Kanaventi has experience effectively negotiating both high risk cases, and cases with Department of Family Services (DCFS) involvement.  Further Dr. Kanaventi is trained/certified in the following evidence-based practices: Seeking Safety, Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT), MAP, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Triple P Parenting Solutions. 

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